From Musician To Automation with Blake Burch

Welcome to the Artificial Intelligence Podcast! This podcast is designed to help you leverage artificial intelligence to open new revenue streams and make money while you sleep. Hosted by best-selling author Jonathan Green, we bring you insights live from a tropical island in the South Pacific.

Today's guest is Blake Burch, a dynamic expert in the field of automation. Blake's journey from musician to master of automation showcases his unique ability to simplify complex processes. He shares valuable insights on how automation can streamline everyday tasks, allowing for more freedom and efficiency in both personal and business activities.

In this episode, Blake Burch will guide us through understanding what automation truly means and how it can be applied to enhance business operations. He emphasizes the importance of starting small with automation, the common pitfalls to avoid, and how to effectively delegate tasks to virtual assistants. Furthermore, Blake and Jonathan delve into the evolving role of AI in automation, discussing how AI can fill in the gaps for tasks we wish to automate but find too complex or time-consuming to detail every step.

Notable Quotes:

  • “Automation is really all about streamlining one basic, everyday task and freeing yourself up from having to do it continuously.” – [Blake Burch]
  • “The biggest mistake most people make when they hire their first VA is giving them broad goals without the mechanics or the steps.” – [Jonathan Green 2024]
  • “A lot of engineers…spend more time trying to automate the process than what it would actually take to realistically do it.” – [Blake Burch]
  • “The beauty with AI is you can more and more describe a process and it knows the steps in between.” – [Jonathan Green]

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