Small Businesses Need AI Too with Chris Daigle

Welcome to the Artificial Intelligence Podcast! Hosted by best-selling author Jonathan Green, this podcast explores the innovative world of artificial intelligence (AI) and its application across various industries, focusing on how AI can create new revenue streams and make money while you sleep.

In this episode, we welcome Chris Daigle, a visionary who believes in the power of AI to transform small businesses. With a background in enterprise with Accenture and expertise in business frameworks such as EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System), Chris has witnessed firsthand the inefficiencies and overpricing in large-scale consulting. His passion for making generative AI accessible and beneficial to small and medium-sized businesses led to the founding of Chief AI Officer, a platform dedicated to educating, training, certifying, and providing AI software for non-enterprise sectors.

Chris and Jonathan delve into the potential of AI for small businesses, debunking the misconception that AI is solely for large corporations. They discuss how AI can serve as a force multiplier in various business functions, such as marketing, sales, and human resources, and emphasize the importance of adopting AI to stay competitive. Chris also shares insights on the common mistakes businesses make with AI, the significance of AI use policies, and the exciting possibilities at the intersection of AI and blockchain technology.

Notable Quotes:

  • “Generative AI is a force multiplier for SMBs, capable of compressing the results curve across different scales of business.” – [Chris Daigle]
  • “Being intimidated by AI is probably the most common mistake businesses make right now.” – [Chris Daigle]
  • “The competition doesn't need to be an AI expert. If they're using this and you are not, they have an unfair, unmatchable advantage against you.” – [Chris Daigle]

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