SNM191: How to build an authorship business without breaking the bank with Ray Brehm

In this business the first thing you need to do is learn how to market your book and find out who you are similar to. Being similar to somebody is not a setback, on the contrary, it's a significant opportunity. Authors and books that you are emulating with you are your clues for cracking the Amazon marketing world. When you click on an author's profile, it shows you even more authors that are most commonly purchased by a certain target audience. They share similar target words and marketing strategies, so feel free to be creative and work with what you have. It makes a lot more sense than just turning on a couple of Amazon ads. And really, you've got to prime those Amazon ads anyway with clicks and sales from other sources. 

How to Market a Self-published Book Without a Budget

Reaching out to your friends who are also in the business or other people that are in your niche or similar is the safest and most noble approach you can take. Ask them to cross-promote your book, or do a podcast with you, or get yourself invited to theirs if they host one. We call this a virtual book tour, and it's completely free. It just takes a little bit of effort and a few kind words. On the other hand, these methods might seem like you are creating competition, because there are a lot of authors but not so many customers. You need to kiss this mindset goodbye as soon as possible. The digital world is abundant, and there is enough room for everybody.

So the question is where to start to market your book if you're broke. To find out more listen to today's episode of Serve No Master podcast.


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