SNM199: How to Create Your 1st Course from Scratch

Double your income by building your first course

I don’t have a problem promoting someone else’s course if it’s something that I don’t well. Although I would never promote something that I teach, I would much rather have my customers redirected towards someone who is better at something that averages at.  

If we are talking about is it better to fail while trying, it’s always better if you are not the first one in the line. Pioneers get shot in the back, so it’s the best if you see how others did before you if there’s actual value in the niche you chose and then go ahead and spread your content.  

When you know your audience you know that advanced people who are advanced in the market or people that are very wealthy, they often pay more money to get results faster.

How you deliver your content, it can be driven by what you're good at, what you feel comfortable doing, or what the audience expects, but you need to make that decision so it helps you determine what you're going to create, and decide how you are going to deliver it to them. 

 If I am an affiliate I get to keep 50% of the sales. If I sell my own course for $2,000, I keep all of it. That's doubling your income. There's nothing else you can do that will increase your revenue as much in any market. The moment you take your traffic and stop sending it to other people, start selling your own products, you will double your income and there's no other way you can do that at any job you have in the world.


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