SNM207: Improve Your Work With 1 of 3 Home Based Business Models

Social Selling

· Selling things to your friends comes down to what your personality is like. Personally, I don’t like mixing friendships and business. But you can definitely build your business around your existing connections. 

What are you excellent at?

· When you're selling your expertise, what you're really selling is your time. This type of business model allows you to get paid to learn. 

 Make it once, sell it a thousand times 

· Share your creations: sell buttons on Etsy, make stickers and courses, or design coloring books. Crafty businesses are very cool.

Get paid three times for everything you do

I'm always looking for ways to maximize my efficiency and return on investment by getting paid to learn something, getting paid why learning it, and getting paid to teach it to other people.


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