SNM258: Building A Software Business Around E-Commerce with Irina Poddubnaia

Welcome to the Serve No Master Podcast! This podcast is aimed at helping you find ways to create new revenue streams or make money online without dealing with an underpaid or underappreciated job. Our host is best-selling author, Jonathan Green.

Today's guest is Irina Poddubnaia is an entrepreneur and co-founder of Trackmage, a software company that automates ecommerce businesses. 

In this episode, Irina Poddubnaia began her journey as an office worker, until she decided to start something of her own. They developed Trackmagic, now known as Trackmage, which automates repetitive tasks in ecommerce businesses. Despite facing challenges with the name, Irina and her team continue to grow and bring their innovative software to a wider market.

Notable Quotes

–       “I just decided that I'm going to start something of my own.” – [Irina Poddubnaia]

–       “I believe it was this realization that what I'm doing, I could be doing more.” – [Irina Poddubnaia]

–       “I believe in the possibility that this can happen. And that's all you.” – [Irina Poddubnaia]

–      “So this was one of those experiences where we realized that even if we pay attention, even if we do everything correctly, from our standpoint, there needs to be a point of reference and there needs to be some standardization in place that is going to make sure that everything goes. Swimmingly even if we as people, we make mistakes. So people do make mistakes systems. Not so often.” – [Irina Poddubnaia]

–       “We've created this expectation or this sense of immediacy that didn't exist when I was a kid. Sometimes you would order something, like from a contest, and it would say, please allow four to six weeks for delivery. Nowadays, nobody would find that acceptable.” – [Jonathan Green]

–      “One of the big challenges for a lot of people in ecommerce is getting the right product from the right factory from China to their customer in America or Europe.” – [Jonathan Green]

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