SNM273 Becoming a Six-Figure Virtual Assistant with Molly Rose Speed

Welcome to the Serve No Master Podcast! This podcast is aimed at helping you find ways to create new revenue streams or make money online without dealing with an underpaid or underappreciated job. Our host is best-selling author, Jonathan Green.

Today's guest is Molly Rose Speed a former corporate cubicle dweller, took a leap of faith and quit her finance job to pursue a different life. With no knowledge of virtual assisting, she stumbled upon the opportunity and began offering her skills in email management, calendar scheduling, and booking for public speakers. This was over twelve years ago when Molly discovered that she could get paid for the skill sets she already possessed. From there, her virtual assistant career snowballed, and she has since found success in helping others with various administrative tasks.

 In this episode, Molly Rose Speed discuss the ins and outs of becoming a six-figure virtual assistant. They start by stressing the importance of clarity in identifying the tasks that business owners need help with. Molly suggests that business owners spend two weeks documenting their tasks to determine what they should delegate to a virtual assistant. Clarity is crucial for a successful relationship with a virtual assistant. They also discuss the significance of job descriptions that specify social media platforms and goals required for the virtual assistant role. Different business owners have varying needs and goals, so it's essential to communicate this clearly. Molly shares her approach of focusing on the number of tasks completed rather than tracking hours or working on American time. She emphasizes the importance of revenue generation and metrics like email list growth. Integrity and honesty are valued traits of top virtual assistants, according to Molly. 

Notable Quotes

–  “I just took a leap of faith and started doing it and offering what I knew to do.” – [Molly Rose Speed]

–   “Clarity is by far the number one thing that business owners need to have before they make their first hire.” – [Molly Rose Speed]

–  “If you don't have the mental acuity to do it and remember it in your mind, at least putting some notes in a Google Doc of the steps you took and the outcome, if it worked, is very important.”– [Molly Rose Speed]

–  “Unlocking the Value of Your Knowledge: 'Getting paid three times is my favorite way to grow a business.'” – [Jonathan Green]

–  “The only number I care about is dollars… That's an understanding that a lot of people miss. Just be able to do what you say you can do. Track one metric and then have integrity. Literally makes you a top 1% of VA.” – [Jonathan Green]

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