SNM164: Are You Ignoring the Customers Who Want Hard Backs?

Are you ignoring customers who want hardbacks? Find out in today's episode of Serve No Master Podcast.

Printing hardbacks are complicated. This is the reason why many authors still have not dabbled in the world of hardback books. Amazon has no option for hardbacks on their website, so if you want to actually print hardback book you have to switch to different websites such as Ingram.

But once you overcome these steps it will be worth it. Printing hardback books has its own benefits. It has the ability to change the authority and price of the book. Hardbacks also change your customer's perception, when they see you sell kindle version, PM3 CD and hardback books they think it's a major publishing company that ultimately adds value to you and price to your book.

Find out where and how you can start printing hardback books today, in this episode of Serve No Master podcast.

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