SNM174: Use Quizzes, Surveys and Questionnaires to Explode Your Mailing List

Use quizzes, surveys and questionnaires to explode your mailing list and sell more products in today's episode of Serve No Master Podcast.

Quizzes, surveys and questionnaires are powerful tool that can help you business. You can grow your email list by simply designing quiz and asking your customers to email them the results. 

They work so well because ultimately they are just tiny yes letters. You get someone to say yeas to a small task and each steps gets a little bigger. 

People take time and invest their effort in your surveys, so when you ask to email the results they experience fear of loss, they don't want to loose the invested time and will easily give you their email address to receive the results.

Find out how quizzes and surveys can help you grow your email list in today's episode of Serve No Master.

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