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Welcome to the Serve No Master Podcast! This podcast is aimed at helping you find ways to create new revenue streams or make money online without dealing with an underpaid or underappreciated job. Our host is best-selling author, Jonathan Green.

Today's guest is Steve Buzogany is a successful real estate professional who discovered the power of building relationships in his industry. Starting off in real estate, Steve struggled with the usual challenges of generating clients and growing his business. However, a mentor enlightened him about the significance of focusing on relationships rather than transactions. Taking this advice to heart, Steve shifted his approach and began cultivating strong connections with his clients. As a result, he started receiving numerous referrals, leading to a staggering 73% of his business coming from trusted recommendations. Steve's ability to foster strong relationships did not go unnoticed by his peers. Other agents in his office marveled at his expertise in generating referrals and sought his advice on replicating his success. Steve shared his strategies, emphasizing the importance of giving thoughtful client gifts and going the extra mile to nurture relationships. 

 In this episode, Steve Buzogany shares his journey from struggling to generate clients in real estate to finding success by focusing on building relationships rather than just transactions. He saw 73% of his business come through referrals as a result. Recognizing the market for this service, Steve started Appreciation Advocate. During the episode, Steve questions the value of corporate gifts, comparing them to pens with pharmaceutical company names on them. He emphasizes the importance of giving useful gifts that won't be quickly discarded, like pocket knives or wallets. He also discusses the pitfalls of giving gifts that are not easily personalized or those that are branded and may inconvenience international recipients. They underscore the importance of personalized gifts to balance intentions and avoid lazy and impersonal options like gift cards. They also explore the power of networking, the value of lower-level employees, and the need for thoughtfulness and effort in gift-giving. 

Notable Quotes

–  “if you focus more on the relationship, they would give you referrals, and then you could work with the referrals who would come with a preexisting trust, and then you wouldn't have to work as hard.” – [Steve Buzogany]

–  “If you're wondering why you're not getting a lot of referrals in your business, then maybe it's because you're not building a deep enough relationship with people.”– [Steve Buzogany]

–   “The barrier is so much lower than people think. We all hear the phrase, it's the thought that counts, but no one believes that.” – [Jonathan Green]

–   “There's something that I learned because I'm really a big advocate of networking and a lot of people don't realize the power of the introduction.” – [Jonathan Green]

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