AI And Real Estate with Gladys Diaz

Welcome to the Artificial Intelligence Podcast with Jonathan Green! In this episode, we explore the fascinating intersection of AI and real estate with our special guest, Gladys Margarita Diaz, an architect with a master's degree in urban planning and urban design.

Gladys brings a unique perspective to the real estate market, emphasizing the importance of adopting technology to meet customer needs. She discusses the development of new technology aimed at searching for properties visually and creating a decision engine that focuses on the consumer rather than just the property. This approach shifts from quantitative to qualitative data analysis, considering the emotional and personal aspects of choosing a home.

Notable Quotes:

  • “There is nothing like being in a crisis to really divide the survivors from the not survivors. And I think AI is… we're so lucky that we have that because it helps us to streamline our delivery and to be able to service our customers better.” – [Gladys Margarita Diaz]
  • “Every consumer decision is emotional… It's the product that you're trying to achieve.” – [Gladys Margarita Diaz]
  • “The speed of particle flow, right? The faster you move the particle, the more money you make.” – [Jonathan Green]
  • “So the first thing my family looks at is we don't wanna be… 'cause we know people who are below sea level on this island and we always look at their houses. These people are crazy.” – [Jonathan Green]

Gladys emphasizes the role of real estate professionals in guiding customers through the maze of options and information, helping them make informed decisions based on their unique needs and desires. She highlights the potential of AI to enhance the customer experience, making the search for the perfect home more intuitive and personalized.

Connect with Gladys Margarita Diaz:

  • LinkedIn: Gladys Margarita Diaz Jordan
  • Gladys shares exciting news about a company launch that promises to revolutionize how people do business in real estate, offering AI-driven, personalized, and comprehensive information.

If you're interested in how AI is transforming the real estate industry and want insights from a leading expert, this episode is a must-listen!

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