Can AI Help Us Learn New Languages Faster with Kerstin Cable

Welcome to the Artificial Intelligence Podcast! This podcast is dedicated to helping you leverage artificial intelligence to unlock new opportunities and make money while you sleep. Our host, Jonathan Green, a best-selling author, shares his insights live from a tropical island in the South Pacific.

Today's guest, Kirsten Cable, is a language learning coach with over a decade of experience in teaching languages and helping adults navigate the challenges of acquiring new languages. Kirsten brings a fresh perspective on how AI can revolutionize language learning, moving beyond traditional methods and embracing technology to enhance the learning experience.

In this episode, Kirsten discusses the limitations of conventional language learning apps and the unique benefits AI offers, such as personalized natural language interaction and the ability to practice without judgment. She emphasizes the importance of finding joy in the process, comparing AI's role in language learning to playing and experimenting, much like how children learn languages. Kirsten also introduces AI Language Club, where learners can access a library of tutorials and exercises designed to utilize AI in creative and effective ways to learn new languages.

Notable Quotes:

  • “The point of learning a language is not to interact with a computer better; it's to interact with another human.” – [Kirsten Cable]
  • “AI gives you access to natural language interaction in hundreds of languages that you can just use and operate by expressing yourself. It's non-judgmental, which is fantastic for most people.” – [Kirsten Cable]
  • “We want to build our own independent learning environment. AI Language Club is about opening up a new perspective and trying out something new, rather than replacing every single thing.” – [Kirsten Cable]
  • “You have to be crap at a language first, then you get better. And that's a level outside your comfort zone… The confidence comes from enjoying being bad at things.” – [Kirsten Cable]

Connect with Kirsten Cable:

  • AI Language Club: – A platform offering tutorials and exercises that leverage AI for language learning, open to all levels and available for as low as $9 a month.
  • Fluent Language: – Kirsten's blog that dives deeper into the motivation, psychology, and organizational aspects of language learning, including learning multiple languages simultaneously.

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