SNM214: Investing in Yourself Cannot Be Optional, It Has to Be Mandatory with Cheryl Wood

Have you ever considered that if you had an emergency fund saved, if you worked with a master speaker coach on your delivery and content, if you invested in yourself to become a high ticket coach that not only would you have your own money invested back in your life but you would also be doing the same for your clients?

If you have ever wondered “should I outsource my speech delivery and audience engagement coaching?” – or even said to yourself “I really don't want to coach, I'd rather take a class,” than this episode of Serve No Master podcast is for you.

If you think the people who hire professional coaches are only those who can afford it? Well, that's quite true. But that doesn't mean you can't benefit from their experience.

In today's episode we're talking with Cheryl Wood, an international motivational speaker, best-selling author, and master speaker development coach for women.

Stay tuned and discover why self improvement is a must! It's not just a nice thing to do but a necessity to succeed in the most meaningful sense of the word.

So, the question is: How much would you spend to be your best? If you were your best, how could you help others?

 What difference would it make to the world and yourself? 


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