Let AI Put Your Kids To Bed with Brian Carlson

Welcome to the Artificial Intelligence Podcast! This podcast is dedicated to exploring the transformative world of artificial intelligence and how it can create new opportunities, streamline our daily lives, and assist in achieving our dreams while we sleep. Hosted by best-selling author Jonathan Green from a tropical island in the South Pacific, this show brings insights from the forefront of AI innovation.

In today's episode, we're diving into a topic that's close to the heart of many parents and educators: “Is it safe to let AI put your kids to bed?” Our special guest is Brian Carlson, the visionary founder of Storytime AI, a pioneering tool designed to engage children in the creation of their own bedtime stories. Through Storytime AI, children can craft tales featuring their chosen characters, settings, and plots, fostering creativity and making bedtime a fun, interactive experience.

Brian shares the journey from his early days teaching in Vanuatu to becoming a leading figure in education technology. With a passion for making learning accessible and inclusive, Brian discusses how Storytime AI aims to address gaps in educational content, especially in representation and multilingual resources. The app has evolved from a simple bedtime story tool to a multifaceted educational platform, supporting children with special needs, aiding multilingual families, and promoting positive representation in literature.

Notable Quotes:

  • “Representation in books matters. If you see yourself as a doctor, as a young kid, you become a doctor. Seeing someone that looks like you in the story is a big part of engaging the young reader.” – [Brian Carlson]
  • “The main use case that we're looking at is representation. It's about making sure that every child can see themselves in the stories they read, which is crucial for building identity and aspirations.” – [Brian Carlson]

Connect with Brian Carlson and explore Storytime AI:

Website: storytimeaiapp.com – Dive into the world of Storytime AI and start creating personalized stories for your children. Download the app and receive a couple of free credits to begin your storytelling adventure.

Social Media: Reach out to Storytime AI on social media platforms to get additional free months of credits and explore the endless possibilities of AI-driven storytelling.

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