SNM193: Not an Internet Pro? You Can Still Choose Your Network Wisely

Want to know how you can choose your social networks wisely? Find out in today's episode of Serve No Master podcast.

In social networks trends come and go pretty quickly. Same things happens to a lot of start-ups, they get some traffic and try to monetize their websites but most of them overdo it, they put so many ads people stop using the website altogether. Same thing happened to MySpace, but after they put so many ads on it people jumped over to FaceBook and now most young people use TikTok. Changes happen very quickly on social media.

What might happen is you become the master of the wrong network. You invest all your time and effort only to discover that social media platform is dying or wrong for your business. There are three steps you can follow to figure out which social media is right for your business. Find out more in today's episode.

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