SNM225: Break Into Real Estate With Chris Prefontaine

Our guest on today's episode is Chris Prefontaine, the Founder, and CEO of Smart Real Estate Coach, a wicked smart community of associates all across North America that empowers individuals and families to live the life of their dreams through real estate. This is accomplished by offering highly professional education and strategic mentorship on different opportunities available in the real estate market. Chris is also a writer and the host of the Smart Real Estate Podcast. 

In this episode, Chris reveals that there are huge untapped opportunities in real estate, despite persistent price fluctuations or hikes. He describes his approach to real estate, emphasizing the importance of getting the right form of coaching to build a successful investment portfolio.  

Episode Topics

  • [00:58] Meet today's guest, Chris Prefontaine. 
  • [01:03] Why did you double down in real estate when people left in 2008? 
  • [01:57] The enormous opportunity to create a decade of income in real estate, despite high prices. 
  • [04:20] Key red flags in real estate for investors. 
  • [06:12] The 3-Payday System. 
  • [07:20] Navigating an ever-dynamic real estate market. 
  • [09:44] A tactical approach to learning about real estate opportunities around you. 
  • [13:18] What additional skills can be assets for people investing in real estate? 
  • [15:20] Common causes of failure in building a business and in real estate especially. 
  • [20:34] Finding a spot where work consciousness is balanced with work passion. 
  • [25:20] Connect with Chris.

Notable Quotes

–       “When everybody is running in the opposite direction on purpose, run in the opposite direction of that” – [Chris Prefontaine] 

–       “You do not need to sign personally on any bank loan to buy property; we do not do that any longer” – [Chris Prefontaine] 

–       “When the market goes down and you're not signed personally, you have leverage to re-negotiate” – [Chris Prefontaine] 

–       “If you're sitting on the sidelines waiting for a crash, you're in the wrong spot” – [Chris Prefontaine] 

–       “Structure a niche within the creative financing world that will thrive in all markets” – [Chris Prefontaine] 

–       “Get good at operating inside of a changing real estate market cos it's never going to stop doing that” – [Chris Prefontaine] 

–       “There are too many shiny objects in real estate that you can get distracted with” – [Chris Prefontaine] 

–       “I don't know anyone in real estate who doesn't work hard” – [Jonathan Green] 

–       “You can find people to help you through, regardless of how bad you think it is” – [Chris Prefontaine] 

–       “When you're looking for a coach or mentor, make sure they have a life you want” – [Jonathan Green]

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