SNM224: Launching Software as a Service with Jonathan Zacks

Our guest today is Jonathan Zacks, an expert at getting businesses to ensure their clients keep appointments and show up on time. Following the personal experience of a close friend who missed his doctor's appointment, Jonathan saw how such gaps constitute a waste of resources for businesses and affect their relationships with clients. This spurred him to create his business model,GoReminders, dedicated to solving this problem. 

In this episode, Jonathan describes the goal of his business which is centered around solving the problem of customers keeping booked appointments. He also notes the importance of anticipating the market fitness for any new app idea, especially in the early phase where the use of incentives to get customers must be balanced with ensuring purchases will be made eventually.

Episode Topics

  • [01:00] Introducing today's guest, Jonathan Zacks. 
  • [01:31] Jonathan's interest in getting people to show up to appointments on time. 
  • [02:47] What's the main cause of the “No Show” problem?   
  • [05:41] The uniqueness of Jonathan's approach to solving the problem. 
  • [07:02] When trying to ensure clients keep their business appointments, what method gives the best results? 
  • [13:35] How does your approach to texting stand out? 
  • [16:47] Finding out the market reception for an app idea before pushing it out. 
  • [20:51] Dealing with the fear of business failure from mistakes. 
  • [24:25] How do you go from Zero to one customer? 
  • [34:02] Who is your ideal client?       

Notable Quotes

–       “We're not focused on getting new appointments, we're focused on making sure that people who you've already scheduled with, show up to those appointments” – [Jonathan Zacks]

–       “I think of phone call reminders as a way of training your customers or clients to not pick up the phone” – [Jonathan Zacks] 

–       “Even before we build anything, I would try to get paying customers or at least build a list of potential people who are interested” – [Jonathan Zacks]

–       “if people like something, they'll pay for it, especially your friends” – [Jonathan Green] 

–       “Things are going to go wrong but have a plan for adapting to it” – [Jonathan Zacks]

–       “A small mistake will not destroy your business, even a large mistake will not destroy your business” – [Jonathan Zacks]

–       “Find out if people will pay for it; that's the first thing you want to find out” – [Jonathan Green]

–       “If you start out with a free trial or making people pay right away, you learn very quickly whether people will pay for that or not” – [Jonathan Zacks]

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