SNM223: Building Your Business with Intent with Kevin Palmieri

Our guest on this episode is Kevin Palmieri, an entrepreneur and co-host of the Next Level University Podcast, who despite not going to college, had been quite financially successful. However, this did not translate to a sense of success for him. Wading through much uncertainty to clear his thoughts, he realized that entrepreneurship would be crucial to his goals, and began on that path. 

In this episode, Kevin discusses the common mental barriers entrepreneurs must surmount to be successful in their businesses, referencing his journey and the importance of breaking past limiting beliefs such that our stories can inspire others too

Episode Topics

  • [00:55] Meet our guest on this episode, Kevin Palmieri. 
  • [01:32] How Kevin decided to become an entrepreneur. 
  • [05:32] The mental challenges of entrepreneurship.
  • [10:30] About Conscious Decision Making. 
  • [14:55] How can we deal with our limiting beliefs? 
  • [20:17] Addressing Imposter Syndrome.   
  • [24:20] Why are we so concerned about negative reviews? 
  • [29:20] The role of sharing our stories in impacting lives. 
  • [35:45] Connect with Kevin

Notable Quotes

–       “I realized I found success but I didn't feel very successful” – [Kevin Palmieri] 

–       “If you really want to be a successful well-rounded entrepreneur, you have to learn more about yourself than anything else” – [Kevin Palmieri]

–       “What a lot of us do is we make a decision based on pure emotion” – [Kevin Palmieri]

–       “You can really only understand your decisions at the level you understand yourself” – [Kevin Palmieri]

–       “The only real way to get rid of your limiting beliefs is to prove them wrong” – [Kevin Palmieri]

–       “You have to figure 'what is the smallest available action that you can take that will help break down this limiting belief?” – [Kevin Palmieri]

–       “You train yourself to attach a negative emotion to trying, and so then you stop trying” – [Jonathan Green]

–       “Everyone has Imposter syndrome and everyone thinks they're the only one who has it” – [Jonathan Green]

–       “People are probably afraid to be judged for their stories because at the end of the day, other than our names, our stories are one of the most personal things we have” – [Kevin Palmieri]

–       “If you require other people's positive judgment on you to get your self-worth, that's going to be a cycle that you're going to have to break as well” – [Kevin Palmieri]

–       “We don't realize what we're capable of until we go through it” – [Kevin Palmieri]

–       “The thing you overcame is what makes you strong” – [Jonathan Green] 

–       “If you want to attract your people, you have to be yourself” – [Kevin Palmieri]

–       “I believe that your purpose comes from your deepest pain” – [Kevin Palmieri

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