SNM196: Recession-Proof Business: How to Test Your Business Upgrade

Key Takeaways:

·        Don’t rely on one singe traffic source, one person, or one product

·        Always choose a market that offers a lot of opportunities and is always expanding 

·        Variety is your best friend 

[14:35] The dangers of massive investments explained

·         Why having a short financial cycle is very important 

[17:50] The drawbacks of having a complex business

·         How moving parts can make your business vulnerable 

[20:55] Competition

·         How competition can harm your business especially when starting out 

[21:50] The danger of selling only luxury goods 

·         In terms of a global pandemic, no one buys fancy stuff: survival mode on 

[25:52] Single point of vulnerability 

·         Explained + tip 

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Resources: Black Swan Book by Nassim Nicholas Taleb

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