SNM233: The Power of Networking with Diane Helbig

Welcome to the Serve No Master Podcast! This podcast is aimed at helping you find ways to create new revenue streams or make money online without dealing with an underpaid or underappreciated job. Our host is best-selling author, Jonathan Green.

Today's guest is Diane Helbig, a Business Advisor with Helbig Enterprises, a company that partners with businesses to create personalized strategies that result in business growth. Diane is an internationally recognized business and leadership development advisor, author, award-winning speaker, and workshop facilitator. She is also the host of the Accelerate Your Business Growth Podcast. 

In this episode, Diane expounds on crucial concepts about networking, with insights from her personal techniques, and practical advice on ways to successfully employ networking to grow a business.  

Notable Quotes

–       “I would rather that you let go of this whole idea of selling, and just be curious to lean into learning about people and making those connections” – [Diane Helbig]

–       “My definition of networking is building relationships with people who may or may not need what you have to sell” – [Diane Helbig]

–       “As we come with this sales mindset, we miss the big opportunities, cos the better opportunities are long term; the ones that take time to grow” – [Jonathan Green]

–       “Selling is a long-term strategy” – [Diane Helbig]

–       “In my opinion, we want to be careful about discounting people because they don't fit our prospect avatar because we don't know who they know and if they're a resource” – [Diane Helbig]

–       “Most men network toward selling and most women network toward relationship building” – [Diane Helbig]

–       “I want people to feel like if I give them my information, it's actually valuable and I want to form a connection” – [Jonathan Green]

–       “Be more interested in other people than you are in making other people interested in you, cos they're not interested” – [Diane Helbig]

–       “I don't think you should give a business card to anyone who doesn't ask for it” – [Diane Helbig]

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