SNM277 Turbocharge Your Brain with ST Rappaport

Welcome to the Serve No Master Podcast! This podcast is aimed at helping you find ways to create new revenue streams or make money online without dealing with an underpaid or underappreciated job. Our host is best-selling author, Jonathan Green.

Today's guest is ST Rappaport’s journey towards becoming a renowned brain coach and mediator started in fifth grade when she struggled with reading. Despite numerous reading tutors failing to yield results, her parents took a different approach and introduced her to a brain coach. Through unconventional brain exercises and an understanding of thinking skills, rather than focusing on reading directly, ST began to see improvements not only in her reading skills but also in various areas of her academic life. As she grew older, ST continued to nurture her thinking skills, leading to numerous breakthroughs. This fascinating journey down the rabbit hole of self-improvement sparked her passion for delving deeper into the complexities of the human mind. 

In this episode ST Rappaport discuss how to turbocharge your brain. The conversation delves into the concepts of cleared perception and blurred/sweeping perception, exploring the impact these perceptions have on overwhelm, anxiety, and procrastination. Rappaport suggests practical methods to improve cleared perception, such as utilizing the five senses to organize information and starting with simple first steps. The importance of self-evaluation and improvement is emphasized, with Rappaport sharing personal experiences and observations on skills like time management. They also delve into the concept of brain coaching, challenging traditional assumptions about learning abilities and advocating for personalized approaches. 

Notable Quotes

– “In order to be able to hold many pieces of information at a time, you first have to get the information coming in a clear way so that would be clear perception versus someone else will be holding one or two more systems of information.”- [ST Rappaport]

– “By improving your sense of touch, you are automatically going to improve your sense of focus.”– [ST Rappaport]

–  “100% improving your cognitive functions will most definitely prevent and slow down Alzheimer's. It's a massive preventer, a massive slow down. And those years of living would be much higher quality.”– [ST Rappaport]

–  “There's been a bunch of studies that show in China and Eastern countries, older people have more agile minds… Like, the elderly are revered in China and Japan and the west… And in America, we're like, get out of the way, get into a home.” – [Jonathan Green]

–   “I think sometimes our desire to make knowing things easier, we've actually made it more difficult to be specific because we don't hear about different types of Alzheimer's or different types of diseases when there really is a spectrum.” – [Jonathan Green]

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