SNM271 Turning Muscles into Dollars with Hensley Ellefritz

Welcome to the Serve No Master Podcast! This podcast is aimed at helping you find ways to create new revenue streams or make money online without dealing with an underpaid or underappreciated job. Our host is best-selling author, Jonathan Green.

Today's guest is Hensley Ellefritz is a sales expert who always had a passion for the industry. Recognizing the transformation in the health and wellness sector, she initially began her journey by working at a gym's front desk. However, she quickly climbed the ranks and discovered her strength in sales. Hensley went on to develop sales models for prominent fitness brands like Pure Bar and Club Pilates. She played a pivotal role in Club Pilates' expansion from 100 to 700 locations. Witnessing the challenges faced by independent studio owners during the COVID-19 pandemic, Hensley's passion grew to help them succeed. In late 2020, she unintentionally started her own business, aiming to consult and empower fitness entrepreneurs. In just two years, her company has experienced remarkable growth, working with over 100 brands.

 In this episode, Hensley Ellefritz shares valuable insights on why it is more cost-effective and enjoyable to retain existing members than to constantly generate new ones. Throughout the episode, Hensley highlights the crucial role of the onboarding process in creating a positive perception of the business for members. They discuss the importance of touch points and personal connections, such as checking in on personal matters, in building relationships and increasing retention. Recognizing the negative stigma surrounding the industry, Hensley apologizes for any negative experiences listeners may have had. They encourage listeners to evaluate their current clients or customers who continue to come back or refer others as identifiers of their target audience. Throughout the episode, Hensley underscores the significance of community-building and personal connections in businesses such as gyms. They discuss the impact of bad employees on a business and stress the importance of making strategic hiring choices and avoiding common mistakes.

Notable Quotes

–   “The more involved and interfacing you can be with your clients, the more successful your brand is going to be long term.” – [Hensley Ellefritz]

–  “Being able to prioritize coachability and desire for growth, I think if you can find someone who is coachable and desires growth within your organization… if you love it and you want to learn and you're hungry, I will take that all day over pedigree and professional reputation.” – [Hensley Ellefritz]

–  “The chase to the bottom is what I know kills a lot of small businesses.” – [Jonathan Green]

–  “I spend a lot of money on fitness… It's not because I want to be better looking… I want to be around when they get married. It's about longevity for me… So I always pay attention to people that have a more sophisticated marketing or pay attention to other motivational reasons.”- [Jonathan Green]

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