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Welcome to the Serve No Master Podcast! This podcast is aimed at helping you find ways to create new revenue streams or make money online without dealing with an underpaid or underappreciated job. Our host is best-selling author, Jonathan Green.

Today's guest is Mike Kaeding, a pioneer in social media and LinkedIn, recognized the importance of attention and engagement in driving business success. Inspired by the packed restaurants of Gertner Ramsey in Las Vegas, Mike understood the need to capture attention to fuel his own business. This realization became the catalyst for his groundbreaking work in leveraging social media to enhance business outcomes.

In this episode Mike Kaeding  is joining us. Get ready to dive into the world of LinkedIn and social media as Mike shares his journey and valuable insights. Discover how Mike went from being a real estate developer to becoming a LinkedIn expert with a thriving online presence. He'll reveal the key to capturing attention and engagement, the importance of delivering value to your audience, and the power of consistently improving your content by just 1%. Plus, learn how to overcome the fear of trying, stand out in a crowded space, and keep pushing forward.

Notable Quotes

–  “There's another kind of currency that most businesses fail to really understand, and that's the attention.”  – [Mike Kaeding]

“Don't think your first thing out of the gate is perfect or right or good. It isn't. It's the iteration that helps you get to where you need to be.” – [Mike Kaeding]

 “This may seem trite, but the reality is the number one thing that stops you from being successful is you. It's your own mind.” – [Mike Kaeding]

 “The people who quit too soon are the ones who always miss out.” – [Jonathan Green]

–   “People are in their situation because of their choices. They're not willing to put in the effort and be a little bit uncomfortable and go outside their comfort zone.”– [Jonathan Green]

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