SNM264: Your Past Does not Determine your Future with Kelsea Koenreich

Welcome to the Serve No Master Podcast! This podcast is aimed at helping you find ways to create new revenue streams or make money online without dealing with an underpaid or underappreciated job. Our host is best-selling author, Jonathan Green.

Today's guest is Kelsea Koenreich her story is one of transformation and resilience. Despite not attending college and barely graduating high school, she knew she wanted to disrupt the traditional path that had been laid out for her. She spent 10 years on a path of self-destruction, abusing her body and making poor choices. However, it was during this time that she learned valuable lessons that would shape her success. She believes in turning pain into purpose and using failures as stepping stones to success. Kelsea's story is a testament to the power of perseverance and the ability to overcome great obstacles.

In this episode, Kelsea Koenreich a personal trainer turned business strategist,emphasizes the importance of personal development and transformation in entrepreneurship. She also reflects on her struggles with social cues and making friends, and how everyone has a unique story. Kelsea emphasizes honesty, integrity, and finding balance in life while building a business around one's expertise. The importance of choosing a coach or mentor based on their values and personality rather than just their teachings is also highlighted.

Notable Quotes

–  “The Journey of Personal Development: I wanna help other people feel this good.”- [Kelsea Koenreich]

– “If there was really anything that I would take from now and give to my younger self or even a younger entrepreneur who's just starting regardless of your age, it's really to focus on your personal development to drive your business.” – [Kelsea Koenreich]

–  “Consistency and resilience really are the biggest keys to success. There is no magic key, no magic code, no instant gratification that comes. It is you being committed to the work.” – [Kelsea Koenreich]

– “I actually think that entrepreneurship is better for people that have that background that actually have the stigma because it disappears… It completely changes how we perceive it… Entrepreneurship is actually a better opportunity for people with these disadvantages because it often removes them or makes them into advantages, which is such a powerful thing.”- [Jonathan Green]

–  The Importance of Finding Balance: “I don't want success at the cost of missing moments.” – [Jonathan Green]

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